[openstack-dev] [election][tc] tc candidacy

gordon chung gord at live.ca
Thu Mar 31 23:31:58 UTC 2016

hi folks,

i'd like to announce my candidacy for the OpenStack Technical Committee.

as a quick introduction, i've been a contributor in OpenStack for the 
past few years, focused primarily on various Telemetry and Oslo related 
projects. i was recently the Project Team Liaison for the Telemetry 
project, and currently, i'm an engineer at Huawei Technologies Canada 
where i work with a team of developers that contribute to the OpenStack 

my views on what the next steps for OpenStack are are not unique. i 
share the idea: OpenStack needs to refine its mission. this is not to 
dissuade developers from continuing to build upon and extend the 
existing projects but i think OpenStack should concern itself with the 
core story first before worrying about extended use cases.

Also, i believe that the existing projects in OpenStack are too siloed. 
coming from a project that interacts with all other services, it's quite 
apparent that projects are focused solely on their own offerings and 
ignoring how it works globally. tighter collaboration between projects i 
believe will help make integration easier and more efficient. similar to 
how services within a project just work together, projects should just 
work together.

in many ways i see the Technical Committee as the Cross Project Liaisons 
some of us are searching for. rather than act as Guardians of "what is 
OpenStack", i think the TC should take a more active role in the 
projects and work together with the PTLs to ensure that the "Cloud" 
story makes sense. PTLs and TC members should work side by side to 
identify gaps in the story rather than the current interaction agreement 
of "you're in. we'll talk if stuff hits the fan".

understandably the "Cloud" story is different to many people so i'll 
employ the strategy i've used previously: listen to others, share the 
decision, share the blame, and claim the success.

thanks for your time.


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