[openstack-dev] [Fuel][Swarm blocker] Release data contain liberty name on mitaka packages

Roman Prykhodchenko me at romcheg.me
Thu Mar 31 12:15:17 UTC 2016


There is a bug that is tagged as a swarm blocker [1] and two patches that fix it. One of them is for nailgun [2] and another one is for fuel-library [3]. The reason I write here is that those patches seem to fix the issue but they will never pass tests on the CI when they are tested apart of each other.

I have built and ISO [4] and pushed it for the BVT in order to check that everything works and passes tests with no problems. The results of the BVT [5] indeed displayed that everything works correctly. Thus my proposal is to coordinate core reviewers from both fuel-web and fuel-library to merge [2] and [3] together ASAP.


1. https://bugs.launchpad.net/fuel/+bug/1548776
2. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/295731/2
3. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/295737/1
4. http://jenkins-product.srt.mirantis.net:8080/job/9.0.custom.iso/1318/
5. http://jenkins-product.srt.mirantis.net:8080/job/9.0.custom.ubuntu.bvt_2/453

- romcheg
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