[openstack-dev] [nova] API priorities in Newton

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Wed Mar 30 19:26:13 UTC 2016

During the Nova API meeting we had some conversations about priorities,
but this feels like the thing where a mailing list conversation is more
inclusive to get agreement on things. I think we need to remain focused
on what API related work will have the highest impact on our users.
(some brain storming was here -
https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-nova-api-ideas). Here is a
completely straw man proposal on priorities for the Newton cycle.

* Top Priority Items *

1. API Reference docs in RST which include microversions (drivers: me,
auggy, annegentle) -
2. Discoverable Policy (drivers: laski, claudio) -
3. ?? (TBD)

I think realistically 3 priority items is about what we can sustain, and
I'd like to keep it there. Item #3 has a couple of options.

* Lower Priority Background Work *

- POC of Gabbi for additional API validation
- Microversion Testing in Tempest (underway)
- Some of the API WG recommendations

* Things we shouldn't do this cycle *

- Tasks API - not because it's not a good idea, but because I think
until we get ~ 3 core team members agreed that it's their number #1 item
for the cycle, it's just not going to get enough energy to go somewhere
useful. There are some other things on deck that we just need to clear
- API wg changes for error codes - we should fix that eventually, but
that should come as a single microversion to minimize churn. That's
coordination we don't really have the bandwidth for this cycle.

* Things we need to decide this cycle *

- When are we deleting the legacy v2 code base in tree?

* Final priority item *

For the #3 priority item one of the things that came up today was the
structured errors spec by the API working group. That would be really
nice... but in some ways really does need the entire new API reference
docs in place. And maybe is better in O.

One other issue that we've been blocking on for a while has been
Capabilities discovery. Some API proposed adds like live resize have
been conceptually blocked behind this one. Once upon a time there was a
theory that JSON Home was a thing, and would slice our bread and julien
our fries, and solve all this. But it's a big thing to get right, and
JSON Home has an unclear future. And, we could server our users pretty
well with a much simpler take on capabilities. For instance

 GET /servers/{id}/capabilities

    "capabilities" : {
        "resize": True,
        "live-resize": True,
        "live-migrate": False

Effectively an actions map for servers. Lots of details would have to be
sorted out on this one, clearly needs a spec, however I think that this
would help unstick some other things people would like in Nova, without
making our interop story terrible. This would need a driver for this effort.

Every thing here is up for discussion. This is a summary of some of what
was in the meeting, plus some of my own thoughts. Please chime in on any
of this. It would be good to be of general agreement pre summit, so we
could focus conversation there more on the hows for getting things done.


Sean Dague

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