[openstack-dev] [release][all][ptls] the plan for the final week of the Mitaka release

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Wed Mar 30 13:03:33 UTC 2016


We are approaching the final week of the Mitaka release cycle, and
the release team wants to make sure everyone is clear about what
will be happening and what the policies for changes are.

First, a few dates:

* Tomorrow 31 March is the final day for requesting release
  candidates for projects following the milestone release model.

* Friday 1 April is the last day for requesting full releases for
  service projects following the intermediary release model.

* Early next Thursday, 7 April, we will tag the most recent release
  candidate for each milestone project as the final release and
  announce that Mitaka has been released.

During the week between 31 March and 7 April, the release team will
reject or postpone requests for new library releases and new service
release candidates by default. Only truly critical bug fixes (which
could not be fixed post-release, as determined by the release team)
may end up triggering releases during this time.

Although we will be extremely picky about which changes can go into
new release candidates, critical fixes will be considered. It is
better to have no extraneous changes merged into stable/mitaka
during this period to avoid having to revert a non-critical change
in order to prepare a new release candidate for a critical issue.
Please do not approve patches unless they are for CRITICAL fixes.
The release team reserves the right to refuse to release a project
with extraneous changes added.

I have some personal travel planned early next week. While I'm
unavailable, Thierry is going to manage the release team and release
process. If he tells you "no", don't expect me to tell you "yes".


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