[openstack-dev] [elections][tc] TC Candidacy

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Tue Mar 29 11:19:15 UTC 2016

(This was also proposed in our elections repo: https://review.openstack.org/298676)

I'm announcing my candidacy for a position on the OpenStack Tecnical Committee.

I had the honor to have been elected last year for a position on the TC and it'd
be an honor for me to be re-elected for one more period as a member of this

I'm currently employed by Red Hat to work 100% upstream. During my past term I
served as a member of the Technical Committee and as a PTL for Glance during the
Mitaka cycle. Prior to that, I served as a PTL for Zaqar since the Icehouse
cycle till Liberty. I'm also an Oslo contributor and part of the stable
maintainers team, among other things. For the upcoming cycles, however, my plan
is to be entirely focused on the Technical Committee matters, if you'd honor me
with one more period on this role.

During my last term as TC, I set myself some goals to help (new) contributors
and teams to ramp up as well as keeping the overall OpenStack community informed
about other topics. To that end, I helped creating what's now known as the
Project Team Guide and the TC Communications Work group, which I'm still part
of. The results of these goals can be found here[0] and here[1] respectively.
Keeping the big tent growing and verifying that new projects would meet the
minimum requirements was big part of the job for the previous term as well.

Looking forward to Newton and Ocata, I believe we should now start working
towards a better format to keep our precious big tent sane and clean.
Specifically, I believe we should start looking into the progress existing
projects have made, the community status and help those projects to move forward
when possible or to remove them from the big tent if needed. This is a hard
topic to touch on and it'll require a study on the current situation and a plan
forward that is both objective and clear.

My past term as a TC member and my knowledge and involvement on other
cross-project tasks positions me well to help the community continue to grow
while still be able to contain the tent and prevent it from falling down. I
believe it's important for the technical committee to be more involved in
cross-project, technical, efforts.

One last thing, as a member of the TC I'd keep being part of the communications

Once again, It would be my honor to continue to represent you. I look forward to
another year of successes reached by the Openstack community.

[0] Project Team Guide: http://docs.openstack.org/project-team-guide/
[1] TC Communications Workgroup: http://www.openstack.org/blog/category/technical-committee-updates/


Flavio Percoco
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