[openstack-dev] [searchlight] Add Nova Keypair Plugin

Sampath, Lakshmi lakshmi.sampath at hpe.com
Mon Mar 28 17:03:24 UTC 2016

Hi Hiroyuki,

For this plugin what data are you indexing in Elasticsearch. I mean what do you expect users to search on and retrieve? Are you trying to index the public keys?
Talking directly to DB is not advisable, but before that we need to discuss what data is being indexed and the security implication of it (RBAC) to users who can/cannot access it.

I would suggest start a spec in openstack/searchlight-specs under newton for reviewing/feedback.


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I am developing this plugin.

However I faced the problem that a admin user can not retrieve a keypair information created by another user.
So it is impossible to sync the keypair between OpenStack DB and Elasticsearch, unless connect to OpenStack DB directly.
Is there any suggestions to resolve it ?

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