[openstack-dev] [Neutron] BGP support

Gary Kotton gkotton at vmware.com
Mon Mar 28 06:36:02 UTC 2016

In the M cycle BGP support was added in tree. I have seen specs in the L2 GW project for this support too. Are we planning to consolidate the efforts? Will the BGP code be moved from the Neutron git to the L2-GW project? Will a new project be created?
Sorry, a little in the dark here and it would be nice if someone could please provide some clarity here. It would be a pity that there were competing efforts and my take would be that the Neutron code would be the single source of truth (until we decide otherwise).
I think that the L2-GW project would be a very good place for that service code to reside. It can also have MPLS etc. support. So it may be a natural fit.
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