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On 03/26/2016 12:27 PM, Steven Dake (stdake) wrote:
Hey fellow PTLs and core reviewers of  those projects,

Kolla at present deploys  the compute kit, and some other services that folks have added over time including other projects like Ironic, Heat, Mistral, Murano, Magnum, Manilla, and Swift.

One of my objectives from my PTL candidacy was to deploy the big tent, and I  saw how we were not super successful as I planned in Mitaka at filling out the big tent.

While the Kolla core team is large, and we can commit to maintaining big tent projects that are deployed, we are at capacity every milestone of every cycle implementing new features that the various big tent services should conform to.  The idea of a plugin architecture for Kolla where projects could provide their own plugins has been floated, but before we try that, I'd prefer that the various teams in OpenStack with an interest in having their projects consumed by Operators involve themselves in containerizing their projects.

Again, once the job is done, the Kolla community will continue to maintain these projects, and we hope you will stay involved in that process.

It takes roughly four 4 hour blocks to learn the implementation architecture of Kolla and probably another 2 4 hour blocks to get a good understanding of the Kolla deployment workflow.  Some projects (like Neutron for example) might fit outside this norm because containerizing them and deploying them is very complex.  But we have already finished the job on what we believe are the hard projects.

My ask is that PTLs take responsibility or recruit someone from their respective community to participate in the implementation of Kolla deployment for their specific project.

I'll take on Keystone, but only if you promise to stop using "ask" as a noun and instead use ye olde English "Request" in its place.

Its a cisco thing - I guess I'm starting to speak the lingo here.


Only with your help can we make the vision of a deployment system that can deploy the big tent a reality.


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