[openstack-dev] Release countdown for week R-1, Mar 27 - Apr 1

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Fri Mar 25 19:16:09 UTC 2016

This is our final week before the release is done.


Project teams following the cycle-with-milestone model should be
testing their release candidates and fixing release-critical bugs.
We have had some second and third release candidates, so we hope
things settle and those can become final releases.

Project teams following the cycle-with-intermediary model should
ensure they have at least one Mitaka release, and determine whether
they will need another release before the end of the Mitaka cycle.

All project teams should be working on release-critical bugs.

General Notes

The global requirements list is still frozen, but we expect it to
open soon (we'll send another announcement of that). If you need
to change a dependency, for example to include a bug fix in one of
our libraries or an upstream library, please provide enough detail
in the change request to allow the requirements review team to
evaluate the change.

The master branches for all projects following cycle-with-milestone
are open for Newton development work. Review teams are still likely
to be working on bug fixes for Mitaka, so be patient if you start
posting feature work.

Release Actions

There are still a few cycle-with-intermediary projects without a
clear indication if they have cut their final release:


Please contact the release team, or submit a release request to the
releases repository, to address these missing releases as soon as
possible. Do NOT wait for the end of the week (submit a request by
Wednesday or Thursday at the latest).

We will not be doing any more intermediary releases after Thursday
unless the release is a critical bug fix to an existing release,
so it is better to go ahead and release something to give consumers
a chance to test. After Mar 31 feature releases will be counted as
part of the Newton cycle.

The release team will have reduced availability between R-1 and the
summit due to travel. Please use the mailing list to contact us and
to ensure one of us sees your question include "[release]" in the
subject line.

Important Dates

Final release candidates: Mar 31
Mitaka final release: Apr 7

Mitaka release schedule: http://releases.openstack.org/mitaka/schedule.html

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