[openstack-dev] [all][elections] Candidate proposals for TC (Technical Committee) positions are now open

Tony Breeds tony at bakeyournoodle.com
Thu Mar 24 23:55:59 UTC 2016

Candidate proposals for the Technical Committee positions (7 positions) are now
open and will remain open until April 1, 00:00 UTC.

All candidacies must be submitted as a text file to the openstack/election
repository as explained on the wiki[0].

Candidates for the Technical Committee Positions: Any Foundation individual
member can propose their candidacy for an available, directly-elected TC seat.
(except the six TC members who were elected for a one-year seat in October[1]).

The election will be held from April 1st through to 23:59 April 7th, 2015 UTC.
The electorate are the Foundation individual members that are also committers
for one of the official programs projects[2] over the Liberty-Mitaka timeframe
(March 4, 2015 00:00 UTC to March 3, 2016 23:59 UTC), as well as the extra-ATCs
who are acknowledged by the TC[3].

Please see the wikipage[0] for additional details about this election. Please
find below the timeline:

Nominations open          @ 2016-03-25 00:00 UTC
Nominations close         @ 2016-03-31 23:59 UTC
Election open             @ 2015-04-01 00:00 UTC
Election close            @ 2015-04-07 23:59 UTC

If you have any questions please be sure to either voice them on the mailing
list or to the elections officials[4].

Thank you, and we look forward to reading your candidate proposals,

Yours Tony.

[0] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/TC_Elections_April_2016
[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/TC_Elections_September/October_2015#Results
[2] http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/governance/tree/reference/projects.yaml?id=march-2016-elections
     Note the tag for this repo, march-2016-elections.
[3] Look for the extra-atcs elements in [2]
[4] Tony's email: tony at bakeyournoodle dot com
    Tristan's email: tdecacqu at redhat dot com
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