[openstack-dev] [magnum] Generate atomic images using diskimage-builder

Yolanda Robla Mota yolanda.robla-mota at hpe.com
Wed Mar 23 11:09:47 UTC 2016

I wanted to start a discussion on how Fedora Atomic images are being 
built. Currently the process for generating the atomic images used on 
Magnum is described here: 
The image needs to be built manually, uploaded to fedorapeople, and then 
consumed from there in the magnum tests.
I have been working on a feature to allow diskimage-builder to generate 
these images. The code that makes it possible is here: 
This will allow that magnum images are generated on infra, using 
diskimage-builder element. This element also has the ability to consume 
any tree we need, so images can be customized on demand. I generated one 
image using this element, and uploaded to fedora people. The image has 
passed tests, and has been validated by several people.

So i'm raising that topic to decide what should be the next steps. This 
change to generate fedora-atomic images has not already landed into 
diskimage-builder. But we have two options here:
- add this element to generic diskimage-builder elements, as i'm doing now
- generate this element internally on magnum. So we can have a directory 
in magnum project, called "elements", and have the fedora-atomic element 
here. This will give us more control on the element behaviour, and will 
allow to update the element without waiting for external reviews.

Once the code for diskimage-builder has landed, another step can be to 
periodically generate images using a magnum job, and upload these images 
to OpenStack Infra mirrors. Currently the image is based on Fedora F23, 
docker-host tree. But different images can be generated if we need a 
better option.

As soon as the images are available on internal infra mirrors, the tests 
can be changed, to consume these internals images. By this way the tests 
can be a bit faster (i know that the bottleneck is on the functional 
testing, but if we reduce the download time it can help), and tests can 
be more reilable, because we will be removing an external dependency.

So i'd like to get more feedback on this topic, options and next steps 
to achieve the goals. Best

Yolanda Robla Mota
Cloud Automation and Distribution Engineer
+34 605641639
yolanda.robla-mota at hpe.com

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