[openstack-dev] Hummingbird Roadmap

David Goetz david.goetz at rackspace.com
Tue Mar 22 22:46:21 UTC 2016

I don't have the original email but this is in reply to:

Hi all,
I was wondering what the roadmap for Hummingbird is.
Will development continue?  Will support continue?  Is it expected to reach
feature parity or even replace the Python code?

Thank you,

Yes- we are in active development of Hummingbird.  It is (mostly) a drop in replacement for the python-swift object server but is not currently 100% compatible and we are not recommending people using it in their production env. For example, it does not support Storage Policies. This however is going to be one of the things we work on soon. Long term, I am not sure if it will ever replace the Python version. I think this is something we should continue talking about- esp at the up coming Openstack Summit in Austin. The overall goal of the project (imo at least) is to be fast, simple, easy to deploy, failure tolerant, and ultra scalable even at the cost of feature parity with swift.  We will be trying to add some more documentation about the project soon but everything is still a WIP. Thanks for your interest,

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