[openstack-dev] [all][infra] unit tests and DB Access

Andreas Jaeger aj at suse.com
Mon Mar 21 19:49:39 UTC 2016

The OpenStack Infra team is removing soon access to the openstack_citest
MySQL/PostgreSQL database for unittests by default. So, this covers
these tests:
    * python27
    * python34
    * coverage
    * pypy

So far, openstack_citest was set up for both MySQL and PostgreSQL by the
infra scripts. Removing this by default, allows to only install those
packages that are really needed by projects.

We know that some projects need access to the openstack_citest database
during unittests - and want those projects to continue testing with
database access. Therefore, new jobs have been created, these are called
"python27-db", "python34-db", "coverage-db", and "pypy-db".
I did an analysis of database access of unit tests based on a few
heuristics, followed by manual review and created changes for those
projects that seem to need unit tests. For all these projects I created
changes and send them for review [2]. The reviews change these repositories:
    * blazar
    * cerberus
    * cinder
    * glance
    * heat
    * ironic
    * ironic-inspector
    * keystone
    * kite
    * manila
    * murano
    * nodepool
    * oslo.db
    * rack
    * sahara
    * storyboard
    * subunit2sql
    * sqlalchemy-migrate
    * tacker
    * taskflow
    * trove

Additionaly, I  found neutron and rally but received already feedback
that these do not need database access for unit tests.

If your project needs MySQL or PostgreSQL database access, a patch like
one of the proposed changes need to be done. Feel free to do it yourself
or tell me.

I plan to merge the above changes once I got some +1s by cores or PTLs
on the repositories - or on Thursday this week. Afterwards, we will
remove database access from the unit tests.

So, my call for action: If your repository is in the list above, please
review and comment on the open changes. If it's not in the list and
needs database access, speak up or patch.

This is part of our consolidation on a single trusty image, called
ubuntu-trusty (see [1]).



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