[openstack-dev] [tc][election][ec2-api][winstackers][stable] status of teams without PTL candidates

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Mon Mar 21 10:14:25 UTC 2016

I'm in general agreement here.

The EC2 team is new to the process side, and is a small team. +1 for
moving forward with Alex here.

I'm +1 on Tony for Stable Maint. Though I also think that we should
rollback any misgivings about election officials running for PTL slots.
Of our 40 races only 7 (?) were actual elections. Election officials are
chosen well before nominations open up, so when a presumed status quo is
not, I don't know why we'd want responsible members of the community
sitting on the sidelines.

Winstackers I can go either way. The output is a library that the hyperv
driver in nova / cinder / neutron use. Whether or not it is officially
OpenStack seems almost moot. It will be a dependency of those projects
either way.

On 03/21/2016 05:33 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Doug Hellmann wrote:
>> I won't be able to make the TC meeting this week because of travel,
>> so I wanted to lay out my thoughts on the three PTL-less projects
>> based on the outcome of the recent election (EC2-API, Winstackers,
>> and Stable Maintenance).
>> [...]
> First of all, I think we need to recognize that with more than 50
> project teams, it's pretty likely there will always be people missing
> the nomination boat for one reason or another. Small and understaffed
> projects just make it even more likely, as the pool of candidates there
> is so small. I actually find it easier to excuse EC2API and Winstackers
> handful of contributors for missing it in Mitaka, than to excuse Magnum
> and its hundred of contributors for missing it in Liberty.
>> The EC2-API project doesn't appear to be very actively worked on.
>> There is one very recent commit from an Oslo team member, another
>> couple from a few days before, and then the next one is almost a
>> month old. Given the lack of activity, if no team member has
>> volunteered to be PTL I think we should remove the project from the
>> official list for lack of interest.
> The EC2API project is a bit of a corner case: something we want to exist
> as an official project but which is critically understaffed. Missing the
> PTL nomination boat is more a sign of this understaffing than anything
> else. I suspect we still very much want this to exist, so I'm not
> convinced we should take this opportunity to remove the project.
> If anything, I hope this situation that may remind the various
> stakeholders depending on that functionality to be present and
> maintained that it doesn't exist in a vacuum. Open source software is
> not magic ponies giving you free-as-in-beer software. You need the
> people who depend on the feature to support (directly or indirectly) its
> maintenance.
>> The Winstackers project is much more active in the repository, but
>> there doesn't seem to be much traffic on the mailing list. It's not
>> clear why no one signed up to be PTL, and I couldn't find a notice
>> that the current PTL is not running. I'm tempted to suggest removing
>> Winstackers from the official project list for lack of participation
>> in project governance, but perhaps a probation period is in order
>> since it's a relatively new team. Probation would depend on having
>> the team find a PTL volunteer, of course.
> I suspect this one is more of a classic "didn't pay attention" case.
> Since I don't think we need Winstackers as an official project as much
> as we need EC2API, we should definitely have a discussion about whether
> it's still worth keeping as an official project or if it would be as
> good to just make it an unofficial project.
>> The situation with the Stable Maintenance team is ironically shaky.
>> The outgoing PTL has entered the Nova PTL election, though he has
>> said he would take up the Stable team work again if he does not
>> become Nova PTL. That election will not be over until 24 March, so
>> I think we should wait before taking any action. If Matt becomes
>> Nova PTL, and no other volunteer steps forward, I will take on the
>> responsibilities, though I do want to keep the Stable team separate
>> from the Release team. That said, I would very much prefer to have
>> someone else be the Stable team PTL so I hope we can find a volunteer.
> The situation with stable maintenance is a bit of a corner case too.
> Matt would have stayed PTL for stable if he wasn't elected for Nova, and
> Tony, being an election official, couldn't really throw his name in the
> PTL election hat at the last minute. I think this is a case where the TC
> looking at the potential names and making their choice will be working
> as intended.

Sean Dague

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