[openstack-dev] [Openstack-stable-maint][stable/liberty][trove] stable/liberty changes in Trove that are ready for merge

Tony Breeds tony at bakeyournoodle.com
Mon Mar 21 00:55:46 UTC 2016

On Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 08:00:07PM -0400, Luigi Toscano wrote:

> No one said that there will be other backports, at this time. It would have
> made sense if the reviews would have been merged when they have been
> proposed. It would be nice thought to backports one or two other patches for
> the integration tests, provided that the two disscused here are merged, but
> let's focus on them first.
> Without the code from the two reviews, the code for scenario tests _shipped_
> in Liberty is unusable.
> Scenario tests are the new tests which are going to replace the current
> integration tests. Scenario tests are not used on the CI right now (which
> also means that the backport is not going to break anything), the plan was to
> switch to them in Mitaka, but most likely now in Newton.
> Now, the integration tests currently used on the CI makes it very difficult,
> if not impossible, to test any datastore which is not MySQL - including for
> example MariaDB. Merging the two reviews would make the life a bit easier for
> people which use Liberty (which is for a while still the stable release, and
> it will be supported for other few months).
> My summary is:
> Does they break some code? No.
> Does they fix broken code? Yes.
> Does this open a can of worm? IMHO no, there is no impact on the
> functionalities even in the "worst" case of other reviews being merged.

As an extra data point I ran the experimental queue over the reviews in
question.  The results aren't good.

In order to gatehr more data I'm running a no-op change through the
experimental queue.  This will help us dtermine if we're just making work for

Yours Tony.
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