[openstack-dev] [tc][election][ec2-api][winstackers][stable] status of teams without PTL candidates

Dan Smith dms at danplanet.com
Sun Mar 20 23:14:02 UTC 2016

> The EC2-API project doesn't appear to be very actively worked on.
> There is one very recent commit from an Oslo team member, another
> couple from a few days before, and then the next one is almost a
> month old. Given the lack of activity, if no team member has
> volunteered to be PTL I think we should remove the project from the
> official list for lack of interest.

Nova just removed ec2 support from tree in Mitaka, dependent on this
project being a replacement for that functionality. It is troubling that
nobody stepped up to be PTL, but as recent as Tokyo there was active
participation from them in getting things settled in Nova so that the
project could be a suitable replacement. Aside from the practical
problem of not having a PTL, it seems like dropping EC2-API from the
official project list right as Mitaka requires people to use it sends a
bad (or at least unfortunate) message.

Has anyone approached some of the principal folks involved to find out
what is up?

> The situation with the Stable Maintenance team is ironically shaky.
> The outgoing PTL has entered the Nova PTL election, though he has
> said he would take up the Stable team work again if he does not
> become Nova PTL. That election will not be over until 24 March, so
> I think we should wait before taking any action. If Matt becomes
> Nova PTL, and no other volunteer steps forward, I will take on the
> responsibilities, though I do want to keep the Stable team separate
> from the Release team. That said, I would very much prefer to have
> someone else be the Stable team PTL so I hope we can find a volunteer.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Matt is PTL by default now right?


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