[openstack-dev] [all] Maintaining httplib2 python library

Brian Haley brian.haley at hpe.com
Fri Mar 18 13:57:17 UTC 2016

On 03/17/2016 06:04 PM, Doug Wiegley wrote:
>>> Here is the non comprehensive list of usages based on what trees I
>>> happen to have checked out (which is quite a few, but not all of
>>> OpenStack for sure).
>>> I think before deciding to take over ownership of an upstream lib (which
>>> is a large commitment over space and time), we should figure out the
>>> migration cost. All the uses in Tempest come from usage in Glance IIRC
>>> (and dealing with chunked encoding).
>>> Neutron seems to use it for a couple of proxies, but that seems like
>>> requests/urllib3 might be sufficient.
>> The Neutron team should talk to Cory Benfield (CC'd) and myself more about this if they run into problems. requests and urllib3 are a little limited with respect to proxies due to limitations in httplib itself.
>> Both of us might be able to dedicate time during the day to fix this if Neutron/OpenStack have specific requirements that requests is not currently capable of supporting.
> Looks like neutron is using it to do HTTP requests via unix domain sockets. Unless I’m missing something, requests doesn’t support that directly. There are a couple of other libs that do, or we could monkey patch the socket. Or modify the agents to use localhost.

We have to use Unix domain sockets in the metadata proxy because it's running in 
a namespace, so can't use localhost to talk to the agent.  But we could use some 
other library of course.


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