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Sylwester Brzeczkowski sbrzeczkowski at mirantis.com
Thu Mar 17 13:42:01 UTC 2016

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for boilerplates/good practices regarding to testing
extensions with core code.

Since we unlocked Nailgun extensions system [0] and now there
is a possibility to install the extensions from external sources we
want to also provide a way to test your own extensions against
Nailgun and some other extensions. Here is the spec for this activity [1]

The idea is to write python (or shell) script which will:
- clone all required repos (like fuel-web, extensions repos) using
  probably zuul-cloner
- checkout to appropriate stable branches / will cherry-pick some
  commit / stay on master
- run tests

This script will be used to:
- test extension with different Nailgun versions (to check if it’s
  locally and on extension’s jenkins gate jobs
- test extension with different Nailgun versions and with other extensions
  enabled (depending on needs)
- test Nailgun with some core extensions locally and on fuel-web
  jenkins gate jobs

The script will be placed in fuel-web repo as extensions will need
to have Nailgun in its requirements anyway.

There will be new jenkins job which will consume names of
extensions to test and the branches/commits/versions which
the tests should be run against. The job will basically fetch fuel-web
repo, and run the script mentioned above.

What do you think about the idea? Is it a good approach?
Am I missing some already existing solutions for this problem?


[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/281749/

*Sylwester Brzeczkowski*
Python Software Engineer
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