[openstack-dev] [Tempest] [Devstack] Where to keep tempest configuration?

Vasyl Saienko vsaienko at mirantis.com
Thu Mar 17 11:24:49 UTC 2016

Hello Community,

We started using tempest/devstack plugins. They allows to do not bother
other teams when Project specific changes need to be done. Tempest
configuration is still performed at devstack [0].
So I would like to rise the following questions:

   - Where we should keep Projects specific tempest configuration? Example
   - Where to keep shared between projects tempest configuration? Example

As for me it would be good to move Projects related tempest configuration
to Projects repositories.

[0] https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack/blob/master/lib/tempest

Thank you in advance,
Vasyl Saienko
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