[openstack-dev] [glance] PTL candidacy

stuart.mclaren at hp.com stuart.mclaren at hp.com
Thu Mar 17 10:25:37 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

I'd like to be considered for Glance PTL.

First: thanks (again) to Flavio for his leadership over the last cycle.

Glance is in pretty good shape right now: we have a coherent team which
is focussed on a well defined set of priorities. It's a relatively small
team, but we're fortunate to have a good range of strengths; every one
brings something valuable.

I've been contributing to Glance since Essex. I've probably touched
most areas of the code at some point since then, and I hope I've built
up a good understanding of the code base, the thinking behind most of it
... and the quirks too. I can't claim to know all the OpenStack code base
(who can?) but I've good relationships with folks from a bunch of other
projects I can reach out to, especially the ones Glance interacts with
(Keystone, Swift, Cinder etc).

For several years I was also an operator. Starting from Diablo (back when
we were still using integers, not uuids) I was responsible for running
Glance in HP's Public Cloud (24x7x365). That gave me a good understanding
of the issues operators face and, where I can, I've contributed back
based on my experience.

As a developer and operator my goal has been the same: to give the best
possible experience for users.

If elected I will be able to devote myself full time to the project,
be available on IRC, and hope to increase my own review rate.

Priorities for the Newton cycle:

* Image import refactor

We need to do everything we can to ensure DefCore can include an image
upload capability.

* v2 API adoption

We need to make it possible to deploy OpenStack without enabling Glance's
v1 API. There were some heroic efforts on the Nova side of this during
Mitaka (thanks Mike).

* Maintain focus.

Yes, we will work on other things during the cycle. But we shouldn't
commit to anything that could impact on our priorities. It's ok to say
"no" now and again. There will be other cycles.

Thanks for your consideration.


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