[openstack-dev] [searchlight] Mitaka PTL Candidacy

Tripp, Travis S travis.tripp at hpe.com
Thu Mar 17 08:13:37 UTC 2016

Hello Friends,

We are now going into the Newton cycle of Searchlight and I would be honored
if you’ll allow me to continue serving in the PTL role.

Searchlight has come a long way in the Mitaka cycle and it is certainly due
to some passionate work from a small, but expanding team of contributors.

With the release of Mitaka, we will have:

* Unified search across:
  * Nova instances
  * Glance images, snapshots, metadefs
  * Cinder volumes, snapshots
  * Neutron networks, ports, subnets, routers
  * Designate (DNS) Zones, recordsets
  * Swift container and object search (Experimental)
* Horizon search panel (plugin)
* CLI via an OpenStack client plugin
* Zero downtime re-indexing

In Newton, I believe our goals are to:

* Do everything we can to make Searchlight performant and production ready.

We need to work with other service teams to improve the notifications they
send so that we can reduce the number of API callbacks. In addition, we need
to improve the functional and integration test coverage. Finally, this also
means that we need to make tough decisions regarding features.

* Make search a central part of the Horizon UI experience.

In Mitaka, the Horizon Searchlight panel introduced an entirely
new experience for Horizon which opened a lot of eyes to how
impactful search can be to the entire development paradigm. At the
OpenStack bug smash day, I delivered a presentation detailing
this direction and I encourage everybody interested in Searchlight and
Horizon to watch it.


* Expand our searchable content

* Finish the notification forwarding work

* Enable new contributors and build build our core team

Last cycle I posted my thoughts on what being a PTL meant. Others, such as
Flavio have very eloquently written about the PTL role. In this email,
I will simply say that I am not the only person on the team who could do
a great job as PTL for the Newton cycle, but I thank you for your consideration
in allowing me to continue serving in this role.

Thank you,

[0] Candidacy patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/293865/

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