[openstack-dev] [jacket] Introduction to jacket, a new project

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Agree with Kevin,

Currently Tricircle mainly focuses on the API gateway and networking automation across multiple OpenStack instances. The hybrid cloud PoC is built based on Tricircle in Tokyo Summit: https://www.openstack.org/summit/tokyo-2015/videos/presentation/huawei-openstack-enabled-hybrid-cloud

Where Tricircle manages multiple small OpenStack instances, and different OpenStack instance using "jacket" to integrate AWS/vCloud. The jacket provide a way of abstract of hybrid cloud.

Best Regards
Chaoyi Huang ( Joe Huang )

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Hi Gordon,

Thank you for your suggestion.

I think jacket is different from tricircle. Because tricircle focuses on OpenStack deployment across multiple sites, but jacket focuses on how to manage the different clouds just like one cloud.  There are some differences:
1. Account management and API model: Tricircle faces multiply OpenStack instances which can share one Keystone and have the same API model, but jacket will face the different clouds which have the respective service and different API model. For example, VMware vCloud Director has no volume management like OpenStack and AWS, jacket will offer a fake volume management for this kind of cloud.
2. Image management: One image just can run in one cloud, jacket need consider how to solve this problem.
3. Flavor management: Different clouds have different flavors which can not be operated by users. Jacket will face this problem but there will be no this problem in tricircle.
4. Legacy resources adoption: Because of the different API modles, it will be a huge challenge for jacket.

I think it is maybe a good solution that jacket works to unify the API model for different clouds, and then using tricircle to offer the management of  a large scale VMs.

Best Regards,
Kevin (Sen Zhang)

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>On 16/03/2016 4:03 AM, zs wrote:

>> Hi all,


>> There is a new project "jacket" to manage multiply clouds. The jacket

>> wiki is: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Jacket

>>   Please review it and give your comments. Thanks.


>> Best Regards,


>> Kevin (Sen Zhang)




>i don't know exact details of either project, but i suggest you

>collaborate with tricircle project[1] because it seems you are

>addressing the same user story (and in a very similar fashion). not sure

>if it's a user story for OpenStack itself, but no point duplicating efforts.


>[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Tricircle








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