[openstack-dev] [magnum] PTL Candidacy

Adrian Otto adrian.otto at rackspace.com
Wed Mar 16 22:03:51 UTC 2016

I announce my candidacy [1] for, and respectfully respect your support to continue as your Magnum PTL.

Here are are my achievements and OpenStack experience and that make me the best choice for this role:

* Founder of the OpenStack Containers Team
* Established vision and specification for Magnum
* Served as PTL for Magnum since the first line of code was contributed in November 2014
* Successful addition of Magnum to the official OpenStack projects list on 2015-03-24
* Led numerous mid cycle meetups as PTL
* 3 terms of experience as elected PTL for Solum
* Involved with OpenStack since Austin Design Summit in 2010

What background and skills help me to continue this role well:

* Over 20 years of experience in technical leadership positions
* Unmatched experience leading multi-organization collaborations
* Diplomacy skills for inclusion of numerous viewpoints, and ability to drive consensus and shared vision
* Considerable experience in public speaking, including two keynotes at OpenStack Summits, and numerous appearances at other events.
* Leadership of collaborative OpenStack design summit sessions
* Deep belief in Open Source, Open Development, Open Design, and Open Community
* I love OpenStack and I love containers, probably more than anyone else in the world in this combination.

I come from a unique perspective of working with a team that released the first OpenStack based container solution in any public cloud: Carina by Rackspace. The operational lessons learned from operating our cloud at scale are profoundly informative for the direction we should head in Magnum as a compelling solution for cloud operators who want something that will work not just in a lab, but at scale with real production workloads. I am proud of this team and our accomplishments, and hope to share our experience and insight by leading open source contributions in OpenStack.

Those of you who have seem me in action know that I excel in a collaborative environment. I encourage discussion, raise minority viewpoints for consideration, and steer respectfully from my depth of experience. I strive to be inclusive, and to grow our community because I believe that our diversity makes us strong.

What to expect in the Newton release cycle:

We will continue to focus on developing a compelling combination OpenStack infrastructure and Container Orchestration software. We aim to combine the very best of both of these complimentary worlds. This requires a valuable vertical integration of container management tools with OpenStack. Here are key focus areas that I believe are important for us to work on during our next release:

* Furthering Magnum's production readiness. More documentation, more security hardening, more operational focus.
* Making Magnum more modular and extensible to allow for more choice for cloud operators.
* Storage integration. Leverage Cinder volumes for use by containers, and explore shared filesystem capability.
* Networking integration. Further leverage Neutron through Kuryr, and demonstrate ways to integrate alternative options.

I look forward to your vote, and to continued success together.


Adrian Otto

[1] https://review.openstack.org/293729
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