[openstack-dev] [Packaging-Rpm] PTL Candidacy

Igor Yozhikov iyozhikov at mirantis.com
Wed Mar 16 17:45:18 UTC 2016

I would like to announce my candidacy for PTL in Packaging-Rpm

I’m working on creating, building, polishing and maintaining Linux packages
for OpenStack projects with  various dependencies for few years since
IceHouse launch. It allowed me to accumulate deep knowledge base about core
OpenStack functionality. My first project was Murano in the very early
state of development even before incubation. I successfully started to
maintain Murano project packages specifications for those period of time.

The main goal for the Packaging-Rpm project, as I see it, is to unify and
simplify approaches Linux package maintainers use in their work day by day.
It is very important that availability of publicly published and suitable
for different flavors of rpm based Linux distros package specifications
makes package building process untied with mainstream vendors.

I wish my experience as package maintainer could help developers all over
the world to make their work easier and more transparent with efficiency
pushed to higher level.

I’m very eager to make it happen and I’m going to dedicate a lot of my time
and efforts as Packaging-RPM’s PTL.

There are a few topics to concentrate on during Newton cycle for the
upstream rpm-packaging:


   Move forward to finish with already started initiative for initial
   filling of projects’ templates for a common OpenStack dependencies like
   oslo, python clients. This should create basis for further work and should
   unlock development of package specification templates for core OpenStack

   Continue with development of automation tooling for packaging. Creation
   and publishing package specifications for renderspec, pymod2pkg and
   openstack-macros will makes maintenance easier for all who require to build
   and use these tools from packages.
   3. CI checks. At the present moment only SUSE was added it to the
   project. This is not enough because it covers cases only for one vendor.
   Adding more 3rd party CIs (Eg: Mirantis or Fedora/RDO) will improve tests
   and use-cases coverage.

Igor Yozhikov
Senior Deployment Engineer
at Mirantis <http://www.mirantis.com>
skype: igor.yozhikov
cellular: +7 901 5331200
slack: iyozhikov
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