[openstack-dev] [Fuel][Nailgun] Random failures in unit tests

Vitaly Kramskikh vkramskikh at mirantis.com
Wed Mar 16 14:21:41 UTC 2016


We have UI and CLI integration tests which use fake mode of Nailgun, and we
can't avoid using fake threads for them. So I think we need to think how to
fix fake threads instead. There is a critical bug
<https://bugs.launchpad.net/fuel/+bug/1549750> which is the main reason of
randomly failing UI tests. To fix it, we need to fix fake threads behaviour.

2016-03-16 17:06 GMT+03:00 Igor Kalnitsky <ikalnitsky at mirantis.com>:

> Hey Fuelers,
> As you might know recently we encounter a lot of random test failures
> on CI, and they are still there (likely with a bit less probability).
> A nature of that random failures is actually not a random, they are
> happened because of so called fake threads.
> Fake threads, actually, ain't fake at all. They are native OS threads
> that are designed to emulate Astute behaviour (i.e. catch RPC call and
> respond with appropriate message). Since they are native threads and
> we use SQLAlchemy's scoped_session, fake threads are using a separate
> database session, hence - transaction. That leads to the following
> issues:
> * Races. We don't know when threads are switched, therefore, we don't
> know what's committed and what's not. Some Nailgun tests sends
> something via RPC (catched by fake threads) and immediately checks
> something. The issue is, we can't guarantee fake threads is already
> committed produced result. That could be avoided by waiting for
> 'ready' status of created nailgun task, however, it's better to simply
> do not use fake threads in that case and simply call appropriate
> Nailgun receiver's method directly in the test.
> * Deadlocks. It's incredibly hard to ensure the same order of database
> locks in test + business code on one hand and fake thread code on
> other hand. That's why we can (and we do) encounter deadlocks on CI,
> when test case waits for lock acquired by fake thread, and fake thread
> waits for lock acquired by test case.
> Fake threads are became a bottleneck of landing patches to master in
> time, and we can't ignore it anymore. We have ~190 tests that use fake
> threads, and fixing them all at once is a boring routine. So I kindly
> ask Nailgun contrubitors to fix them as soon as we face them. Let's
> file a bug on each file in CI, and quicly prepare a separate patch
> that removes fake thread from failed test.
> Thanks in advance,
> Igor
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Vitaly Kramskikh,
Fuel UI Tech Lead,
Mirantis, Inc.
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