[openstack-dev] [Fuel] Plans on networking modularisation

Ryan Moe rmoe at mirantis.com
Tue Mar 15 17:46:43 UTC 2016

Hi Aleksey,

> What is the status of making networking part replaceable? As I know, [0]
> is in progress. Are there any other activities in progress (about API,
> serialization for orchestrator, network verification)? Do we have specs on
> review (I know about this one: [1]) ?
AFAIK there are no other activities in progress right now.

> As I know, [0] is about separate storage service for networking related
> information (from what I've seen), not about moving all network-related
> code. Please correct me if it's not true.

You are correct. The intent was to end up with a separate network storage
service and network manager as a client of this service (where appropriate).

> AFAIC, [0] can be combined with moving of network part into extension
> (API, serialization). So, extension could use this storage. Network
> verification (net-checker) depends on networking data and it uses the same
> RPC so it can be more difficult to move its setup and results acquisition
> from Nailgun into extension.
> I'm for networking as extension as it was done for "volume manager"
> already.
I agree that moving network manager into an extension would be good. I
think we'll need some discussion around that though. NetworkManager does a
lot and some of it can be pushed off to a separate service but some will
always be tied to Nailgun. I'm not sure how or if that will impact moving
it into an extension.

> Please expand this a bit: "Reuse Neutron API with additional
> plugins/extensions to provide for us a way to also store bonds/nics related
> information."
> As I understand, it's rather specific stuff and will cover very small part
> of the whole task. And as 2.1 is in progress already, 2.3 seems to be
> rejected..?
I originally created a simple PoC (2.1) just to test out the idea. The
Nailgun side of this work done since doesn't have any dependency on that
PoC. We can freely change directions. Neutron handles a lot of what Nailgun
cares about (networks, subnets, IP allocation, etc.) so I'm currently
investigating it as an option.

> I'd like to participate in design discussions. Please add me into meetings.

I will make sure you're included. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

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