[openstack-dev] [swift]How to use swift in CDN system?

Linpeimin linpeimin at hisilicon.com
Tue Mar 15 03:45:06 UTC 2016


I am trying to build a simple CDN with LVS ,tengine , swift and sos(swift origin server) software. I have google for how to install and config the environment,successfully I have make LVS, tengine, swift work independently. But when they work together as a whole, I have some doubts as follows:

1.       Which way does the client send request to swift server via load balancing server like tengine? How to make swift authentication successfully? Some information must be pass to swift like user, password and command type.

I have tried to config tengine proxy_pass point to swift ip address and port number, but swift returns 401 error which means authentication was fail. Am I right to use a benchmark named weighttp to send request to swift? Or any additional operation like coding or command can help?

2.       How does swift origin server work?How to access swift origin server? On the download page I saw the follow lines:

Swift Origin Server

A WSGI Middleware that provides access to customer containers in Swift for use
by a CDN service.  Uses Swift itself as its back-end store.

I have try to start swift origin server listen to port 8080 which is port number of swift proxy, but port confliction happens.

In addition, My CDN environment was required to work like this:  Client(command, software or benchmark) -> LVS (load balancing server )-> tengine (load balancing proxy server ) -> swift(authentication and storage server)->swift origin( back-en store server)

Any advices is welcome. Thanks for your time and best regards.


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