[openstack-dev] [oslo] PTL Candidacy

Joshua Harlow harlowja at fastmail.com
Mon Mar 14 23:44:36 UTC 2016

Hi there oslo folks,

I'm submitting myself as candidate for oslo-ptl for the (fig) newton cycle.

Most of you (that can vote) probably already know me and know what I 
work on and what I contribute to.

For those that don't this link probably is a good explanation/list of 
that (or just find me and ask):


I'm usually on the oslo and state-management channel(s) (although the 
past few weeks have been a little different, for personal and/or 
professional reasons) but I think I would be a good cheerful and jolly 
candidate for the newton cycle. I'm sure it would be a useful learning 
experience for myself and the others involved and I feel that I know 
enough (not all) about how oslo works (code, people, and process wise) 
that I can be a useful PTL for at least six months.

Some things I'd like to work on (with others help) for newton:

* Advocacy, we have a lot of libraries in oslo, and I believe that 
others do not know all about them or what they can offer, so I think we 
(as a group) need to advocate and educate others better in good usage 
patterns and others.
* Tutorials, similar to education but it'd be nice to have some 
simple(ish) tutorials that consuming projects can follow and read over 
(perhaps similar to taskflow examples) so that others can know good 
practices and patterns to follow when using the various oslo libraries.
* Achieving more activity with consuming projects; similar to advocacy, 
but this would be focusing more on helping other projects use oslo 
libraries effectively, and how to request (or even complain about 
lacking) functionality in those libraries so that oslo folks can help 
make those features (or complaints) a solved problem.
* There is a-lot of technical experience that various oslo folks have; 
it'd be nice to figure out how to use this more effectively so that 
projects that would benefit from said experience can (perhaps even in 
ways that are not code/libraries).
* (and more!)

Your votes (and/or commentary and/or questions) are welcome,

Thanks for the time!

Candidate review @  https://review.openstack.org/292643

-Joshua Harlow

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