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Jesse Pretorius jesse.pretorius at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 09:57:33 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

The Mitaka cycle for OpenStack-Ansible (OSA) has had the following

1. Our community has grown. The activity in the IRC channel has shown that
we now have more people making use of OSA to deploy both private and public
OpenStack clouds. Our development team now includes two non-Rackspace core
team members who are committed to ensuring that OSA's development process
has more diversity in its inputs and outputs. We have also increased the
breadth of roles available to our deployers. Most importantly they were
developed by non-core development team members.

2. The roles are more modular. We've split out the Ansible roles into
composable units which are usable without the dynamic inventory, LXC and
without the general playbook tooling which has been implemented in the
integrated build OSA repository.

3. Multi-OS platform support enablement has progressed. Several of the
roles in our stable are already passing the CentOS-based gate check, even
though this work was very low priority in the cycle.

4. Usability has improved. We've done an amazing job of improving install
guide documentation, improving developer documentation, and adding release
notes for the Mitaka release and retrospectively for the Liberty release.

It would be my honour to serve as PTL for the Newton cycle to continue the
journey along the following themes:

1. Grow the community
I would like to continue to increase our community participation through
the engagement with other OpenStack Projects and the Operator community. I
believe that it's crucial to the success of the project to increase the
diversity of contributors. Our work in the Mitaka cycle has laid a good
foundation on which I'd like to build through active engagement with the
respective communities to share how OSA can meet the needs of both the
Developer and Operator communities.

2. Improve testing
In the Mitaka cycle we laid the foundation for broader and deeper testing
for each role and for the integrated tests. In the Newton cycle we need to
complete that work in order to ensure that we have greater confidence that
every patch submitted produces a functional build and does not introduce
regressions in existing deployments. We need to ensure that each role is
tested both in terms convergence and in terms of function.
We also need to ensure that we have integrated testing for a broader
variety of scenario's to ensure that each scenario that is considered a
supported deployment design is tested.

3. Improve usability
While OSA is reasonably simple to use to deploy OpenStack, a barrier to
most new users is understanding how to customise the inventory and how to
prepare the host networking.
I'd like us to reduce this barrier to entry in the Newton cycle in order to
further simplify an OpenStack deployment for a new user.

4. Improve platform support enablement
In the Newton cycle we have agreed to ensure that we take advantage of
Ansible 2.x and that we also implement support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. This
work will implement the patterns which make it much easier to add more
Linux distributions to our supported platform list.

I look forward to working with you all in the Newton cycle and hope that we
can meet our lofty goals!

IRC: odyssey4me
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