[openstack-dev] [tripleo] becoming third party CI (was: enabling third party CI)

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Thu Mar 10 23:24:44 UTC 2016

On 2016-03-10 16:09:44 -0500 (-0500), Dan Prince wrote:
> This seems to be the week people want to pile it on TripleO. Talking
> about upstream is great but I suppose I'd rather debate major changes
> after we branch Mitaka. :/

I didn't mean to pile on TripleO, nor did I intend to imply this was
something which should happen ASAP (or even necessarily at all), but
I do want to better understand what actual benefit is currently
derived from this implementation vs. a more typical third-party CI
(which lots of projects are doing when they find their testing needs
are not met by the constraints of our generic test infrastructure).

> With regards to Jenkins restarts I think it is understood that our job
> times are long. How often do you find infra needs to restart Jenkins?

We're restarting all 8 of our production Jenkins masters weekly at a
minimum, but generally more often when things are busy (2-3 times a
week). For many months we've been struggling with a thread leak for
which their development team has not seen as a priority to even
triage our bug report effectively. At this point I think we've
mostly given up on expecting it to be solved by anything other than
our upcoming migration off of Jenkins, but that's another topic

> And regardless of that what if we just said we didn't mind the
> destructiveness of losing a few jobs now and then (until our job
> times are under the line... say 1.5 hours or so). To be clear I'd
> be fine with infra pulling the rug on running jobs if this is the
> root cause of the long running jobs in TripleO.

For manual Jenkins restarts this is probably doable (if additional
hassle), but I don't know whether that's something we can easily
shoehorn into our orchestrated/automated restarts.

> I think the "benefits are minimal" is bit of an overstatement. The
> initial vision for TripleO CI stands and I would still like to see
> individual projects entertain the option to use us in their gates.

This is what I'd like to delve deeper into. The current
implementation isn't providing you with any mechanism to prevent
changes which fail jobs running in the tripleo-test cloud from
merging to your repos, is it? You're still having to manually
inspect the job results posted by it? How is that particularly
different from relying on third-party CI integration?

As for other projects making use of the same jobs, right now the
only convenience I'm aware of is that they can add check-tripleo
pipeline jobs in our Zuul layout file instead of having you add it
to yours (which could itself reside in a Git repo under your
control, giving you even more flexibility over those choices). In
fact, with a third-party CI using its own separate Gerrit account,
you would be able to leave clear -1/+1 votes on check results which
is not possible with the present solution.

So anyway, I'm not saying that I definitely believe the third-party
CI route will be better for TripleO, but I'm not (yet) clear on what
tangible benefit you're receiving now that you lose by switching to
that model.
Jeremy Stanley

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