[openstack-dev] [horizon] [searchlight] Horizon, Search, and Composability

Tripp, Travis S travis.tripp at hpe.com
Tue Mar 8 18:10:00 UTC 2016

Hello everybody,

At the Horizon mid-cycle we had a lot of discussion on UI composability and searchability. Matt and Tyr provided a short presentation and demo at the mid-cycle. This morning I gave a more detailed presentation and demo via hangouts on air regarding Searchlight and Horizon. The audience this morning was broader, so I started with content based on Matt and Tyr’s presentation and included an extended demo, additional information about Searchlight, and some status information about what was discussed at the Horizon mid-cycle. Since both of these have recordings, I wanted to share them both with you.

[Full Presentation (Travis)]


[Horizon Mid-Cycle Presentation (Matt and Tyr)]



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