[openstack-dev] [L2-Gateway] Install and Configuration issue

Jason Guy jguy at cumulusnetworks.com
Tue Mar 8 10:33:17 UTC 2016

Hi, I am trying to get the L2GW plugin working with my openstack setup. I
did the installation from the git repo using setup.py install.

I am having trouble getting the Neutron-server to take the plugin though.
Here is the config line from the neutron.conf:
# Plugins
core_plugin = neutron.plugins.ml2.plugin.Ml2Plugin
service_plugins =

After restarting neutron-server, I am getting this error in the

INFO neutron.manager [req-b537d3d8-5ad5-419c-a7a0-133991af38fc - - - - -]
Loading Plugin: networking_l2gw.services.l2gateway.plugin.L2GatewayPlugin
ERROR neutron.services.service_base
[req-b537d3d8-5ad5-419c-a7a0-133991af38fc - - - - -] No providers specified
for 'L2GW' service, exiting

I do not see anything in the install instructions regarding the
neutron.conf configuration, so I am guessing at this point, hence the
email. :) I have searched and tried to figure this out by looking at the
code. What should the service_provider be set to?

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