[openstack-dev] Reg: Configuration Management tool for Openstack.

Han Chao hanchao at unitedstack.com
Tue Mar 8 08:57:03 UTC 2016


If you just started your journey for OpenStack, I recommend you to try "Packstack".

With Packstack, you could deploy your OpenStack cluster simply with an all-in-one mode to play with. If you wish to add more nodes later, by giving the appropriate configurations in the answer file, your cluster can get scaled.

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Subject:  [openstack-dev] Reg: Configuration Management tool for Openstack.

Hi all,

i have the following questions in Openstack deployment.

1. i need some configuration management tool for OpenStack. After some searches i got some tools like Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Fuel and tripleO. i am confused to which one to go.

2. And also i checked the Github repository for openstack-puppet, i think its not active.

Suggest some tool for openstack. i am newbie for this large scale deploment and also for configuration management.

thanks & regards,
cooldharma06  .. :)
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