[openstack-dev] [OpenStack-docs] Fwd: [Neutron][LBaaS][Octavia][Docs] Need experienced contributor documentation best-practices and how-tos

Hayes, Graham graham.hayes at hpe.com
Mon Mar 7 16:09:52 UTC 2016

On 07/03/2016 16:00, Matt Kassawara wrote:
> Snipping a lot, because I'm particularly interested in one comment...
>     I agree that many developers (especially developers of those groups
>     new to the big tent) seem to think that they need to be on the top
>     level docs.openstack.org <http://docs.openstack.org>, without
>     necessarily understanding that docs.openstack.org/developer
>     <http://docs.openstack.org/developer> is usually the more
>     appropriate place, at  least to begin with. This should probably be
>     made more explicit both in the Infra Manual, plus anywhere that
>     Foundation is discussing big tent inclusion.
> We tell operators and users to look at the documentation on
> docs.openstack.org <http://docs.openstack.org> because the documentation
> in /developer is aimed at developers and often lacks polish. Now we're
> telling developers to put operator/user documentation into /developer?

To follow up on that - the Foundations "Project Navigator" has one of
the maturity requirements as "Is there an install guide for this
project guide (at docs.openstack.org)?"

If this is required, how can projects get content in to this.

I went looking about 6 months ago for the information that Stephen
asked for to update (create) our docs, but couldn't find it.

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