[openstack-dev] openstack token issue CLI, error- openstack liberty

vijay srinivasan vijaysrinivasan37 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 10:04:46 UTC 2016

          i am in process of learning and applying openstack. i am
installing devstack ( in single machine mode) in my centos7 laptop.

           while running stack.sh command , install halts at this line.
2016-03-07 09:54:58.053 | ++

/home/vijay/devstack/lib/keystone:bootstrap_keystone:L651:   *openstack
token issue -c id -f value --os-username XXXXX --os-project-name XXXX
--os-user-domain-id default --os-project-domain-id default
--os-identity-api-version 3 --os-auth-url
<> --os-password XXXXX*

*2016-03-07 09:55:02.219 | __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument

i run the openstack token issue as CLI and get above error.

could someone tell me where i am making error. it really is blocking for me

i try to login via horizon dashboard and credentials error comes up.

does this have to do with keystone service not coming up correctly?

thanks for patient hearing.

Vijay Srinivasan

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