[openstack-dev] [magnum] Discussion of supporting single/multiple OS distro

Ton Ngo ton at us.ibm.com
Tue Mar 1 06:58:09 UTC 2016

There seems to be different concerns, so it would be helpful to consider
them separately:
   Ability to accommodate different distros
   How to support given limited resources:  gate tests, developers

   From the discussion at the midcycle, I think we do have agreement that
Magnum must be able to accommodate multiple distros in the form of
"drivers".  What a driver looks like is yet to be designed but it would
likely include images, templates, scripts, template definition, etc.  An
example was articulated for the use case:  financial institutions have
strict policy about the specific distros that have been certified for their
use, and will insist on using their own images.  Having worked with banking
customers before, I can attest to this kind of hard restriction, and we
would expect these users to develop their own drivers.
   Magnum current support for the various distros is somewhat ad hoc, but
going forward, I am sure we will develop a well designed structure for a
distro driver and refactor the current code to fit this structure.  Then
looking at the current code base, we will probably have drivers for Fedora,
Fedora Atomic, CoreOs, Ubuntu.  RHEL would be a good exercise to test drive
creating a new driver.

   This leads to the concern of how to properly support all these drivers
given the limited resources for the project.  For a community based
project, support is driven by interest in the community, so the level of
support will inevitably be uneven. Over time, something that attracts no
interest will eventually be removed, but we should be careful not to remove
things prematurely.
   We can think of several ways to cope with the varied level of support.
   One way is to have an indication of the maturity of each drivers
(similarly to how OpenStack projects are rated).  This can be based on some
metrics like number of tests, or could also be just a qualitative
description like "high, medium, low".  This would help users to choose what
to use, or to invest in development if there is interest.
   Another way is to select a few key drivers as fully supported, and put
the remaining in a contrib directory to indicate that support for these is
on a best effort basis.  Drivers can be moved around as interest changes
over time.


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I think users need the support for multiple OS choices. Users may want to
modify the OS by themselves to meet the requirement of their business. If
Magnum only supports a single OS distro, we should have a  convenient way
to change one OS distro to another. But the OSes are so different, the work
is difficult. So if Magnum only supports a single OS distro, the users are
locked into one OS distro.

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