[openstack-dev] [Nova] Deprecated Configuration Option in Nova Mitaka Release

HU, BIN bh526r at att.com
Thu Jun 30 17:55:28 UTC 2016

I see, and thank you very much Dan. Also thank you Markus for unreleased release notes.

Now I understand that it is not a plugin and unstable interface. And there is a new "use_neutron" option for configuring Nova to use Neutron as its network backend.

When we use Neutron, there are ML2 and ML3 plugins so that we can choose to use different backend providers to actually perform those network functions. For example, integration with ODL.

Shall we foresee a situation, where user can choose another network backend directly, e.g. ODL, ONOS? Under this circumstance, a stable plugin interface seems needed which can provide end users with more options and flexibility in deployment.

What do you think?


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> Just curious - what is the motivation of removing the plug-ability 
> entirely? Because of significant maintenance effort?

It's not a plugin interface and has never been stable. We've had a long-running goal of removing all of these plug points where we don't actually expect people to write stable plugins.

If you want to write against an unstable internal-only API and chase every little change we make to it, then just patch the code locally.
Using these plug points is effectively the same thing.


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