[openstack-dev] [release] the meaning of the release:managed tag now that everything is released:managed

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Thu Jun 30 14:07:53 UTC 2016

Hey folks,

I am keen on tagging Kolla in the governance repository with every tag that is applicable to our project.  One of these is release:managed.  I've been working as PTL the last 3 cycles to get Kolla processes to the point we could apply for release:managed.  Looks like Doug and release team in general has beat me to the punch :)

The requirements of the tag are met by force because of how the release process is now executed.  I'm wondering if this tag has any meaning any longer given the fact that the release team has nearly automated themselves out of a job :)

If it does have some special meaning or requirements beyond the "we will freeze on the freeze deadline" could someone enumerate those?

FWIW I feel a lot more comfortable with the current release process.  The release team has done a fantastic job.  I always felt nervous pushing a signed tag and I've been doing this for ~5 years :)


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