[openstack-dev] [horizon] The bug list - how to use it, and how to triage

Rob Cresswell robert.cresswell at outlook.com
Thu Jun 30 09:03:22 UTC 2016


I just wanted to talk through Horizons bug list ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/ ), and how to use it to find issues you can help solve or review, as well as how to help triage bugs if you have time to help out.

Using the bug list:

- The "Tags" section on the right hand side is your friend. We have a whole bunch of tags related to language (like "angularjs"), the bug content ("integration-tests" or "ux") or the type of service knowledge that may be useful in solving the bug ("nova", "neutron" etc). If you're just starting out, checking out the "low-hanging-fruit" tag, which is used to indicate straightforward bugs for your first couple of contributions.

- If you're looking for code to review, try using the Advanced Search to filter for Critical/High priority bugs that are In Progress. This means they are important to us, and have a patch up on Gerrit. Alternatively, scroll down and select the next milestone ("newton-2" in this case) from the "Milestone-targeted bugs" on the right hand side. These are bugs that have been triaged and we'd like to have complete for this milestone.

- Don't be intimidated by bugs marked High/Critical. Priority is often not linked to complexity, so its worth looking in to.

- If you assign yourself to a bug, but are unable to complete it, remember to remove yourself as an assignee and set the status back to "Confirmed" or "New"; this makes it much easier for us to track which bugs are being actively worked on.

Triaging the bug list:

- https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/BugTriage This is a great step by step piece of documentation on triage, and definitely worth reading through to understand the prioritisation system.

- Target bugs to the "Next" milestone by default. This makes it easy to see whether bugs have been triaged or not. If a bug is important for this milestone, or looks close to completion, just target it to the next milestone right away.

- Remember to use tags, but be careful how you use them. Generally, we use the service name tags, like "nova", "swift" etc. to indicate that specific knowledge of the service may be useful for this bug. Just because a bug is on the Instances panel, does not mean it should immediately be tagged with "nova"; consider whether it is actually service specific, or is really a UI or other code issue.

- You don't need to be on the bug team to triage; if there's something you're unable to do, just ping a member of the bug team: https://launchpad.net/~horizon-bugs

Hope this helps! If anyone has any other questions, reply here or ping me on IRC (robcresswell)

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