[openstack-dev] [craton] Developer weekly meeting scheduled every Thursday at 2100 UTC

Jim Baker jim.baker at python.org
Wed Jun 29 21:10:10 UTC 2016

On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 2:59 PM, Ian Cordasco <sigmavirus24 at gmail.com>

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> every Thursday at 2100 UTC
> > Please join us for our weekly developer video conference call about
> Craton
> > development every Thursday at 2100 UTC.
> >
> > We meet on Vidyo; please use this link:
> >
> https://vc.rackspace.com/flex.html?roomdirect.html&key=OpmgbcmKWcXB31Tbl7VHgTrytb0
> >
> > Meetings will be recorded and posted to YouTube, so if you do not wish to
> > be recorded, please do not attend the meeting. The agenda can be found at
> > https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/craton-meetings, but most often we will
> > use a standing agenda: to discuss open development issues.
> >
> > - Jim
> Is this replacing the weekly Monday IRC meetings?

Good question!

No, this video conference call will not replace our weekly IRC meeting on

Instead, these two meetings will hopefully complement each other:

   - Monday's IRC meeting on #openstack-meeting-4 will set overall
   direction for Craton, including interaction with stakeholders and
   determining action items. Agendas will be published (
   https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/craton-meetings), and minutes recorded
   with meetbot and published on eavesdrop.
   - Thursday's Vidyo call will focus on development issues. We will record
   this call, and I'm sure notes will be taken in relevant etherpads, but it
   will be much more informal because we are simply trying to help each other
   make progress on our issues. Think standup, brainstorming, etc.

I'm sure these weekly meetings will evolve over time, and I welcome all
input on how to make them as effective as possible.

- Jim
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