[openstack-dev] [ironic] why do we need setting network driver per node?

Dmitry Tantsur dtantsur at redhat.com
Tue Jun 28 15:32:45 UTC 2016

Hi folks!

I was reviewing https://review.openstack.org/317391 and realized I don't 
quite understand why we want to have node.network_interface. What's the 
real life use case for it?

Do we expect some nodes to use Neutron, some - not?

Do we expect some nodes to benefit from network separation, some - not? 
There may be a use case here, but then we have to expose this field to 
Nova for scheduling, so that users can request a "secure" node or a 
"less secure" one. If we don't do that, Nova will pick at random, which 
makes the use case unclear again.
If we do that, the whole work goes substantially beyond what we were 
trying to do initially: isolate tenants from the provisioning network 
and from each other.

Flexibility it good, but the patches raise upgrade concerns, because 
it's unclear how to provide a good default for the new field. And anyway 
it makes the whole thing much more complex than it could be.

Any hints are welcome.

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