[openstack-dev] [storlets] Docker images re-structuring

eran at itsonlyme.name eran at itsonlyme.name
Tue Jun 28 09:04:42 UTC 2016

Currently, our Docker images are built form the following layers:
1. Ubuntu 14.04
2. JRE 8
3. Storlets stuff
4. Dummy layer having the tenant id as a name.

Only yesterday (after more then 2 years...), it occurred to me that  
the 3rd layer is a bit of a (understatement) mistake. Why not place  
the storlets stuff (daemon_factory, SDaemon, SCommon, etc.) in a read  
only mountable volume?

1. Much easier to upgrade.
2. Less time from fix to test.
3. Less disk space that is wasted on Docker images as upgrades accumulate.



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