[openstack-dev] [mistral] Test and Manage Openstack actions in Mistral

Hardik hardik.parekh at nectechnologies.in
Tue Jun 28 08:13:41 UTC 2016

Hi folks,

In Mistral, we face issues related managing openstack actions.

Currently we have mapping.json file which should be updated manually 
using tools/get_actions_list.py.
However, this script cannot be useful for neutron, zaqar, swift etc.

Also, our unit test cases are not so efficient. So, I have following few 

  * We should improve our tests in
    mistral/tests/unit/actions/openstack/test_generator.py and
    mistral/tests/unit/actions/test_action_manager.py. So that, we can
    assure that openstack actions are correctly registered to database
    with correct parameters.
  * Also, we should install all supported openstack services  in our
    gates and we should have at least one functional test for each service.
  * Improvement of get_actions_list.py. So that, it can generate actions
    for almost all openstack service.
  * Also, I think we should get rid of mapping.json file (Don't know
    right now how) because its size will increase as we support more
    actions and it will become difficult to maintain this file.

Thoughts ?

Thanks and Regards,
Hardik Parekh
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