[openstack-dev] Change in openstack/networking-sfc[master]: Networking-sfc / OVN Driver

Cathy Zhang Cathy.H.Zhang at huawei.com
Tue Jun 28 04:28:00 UTC 2016

Hi Na,

Please see inline for my reply.


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Subject: Change in openstack/networking-sfc[master]: Networking-sfc / OVN Driver

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File doc/source/sfc_ovn_driver.rst:

Line 88:     +---------+       +---------+ outport +===========+
> Agree that it is better to clarify these points. 
Hi Cathy,
I try to create multiple port-chains with the same port-pair-group, it failed. I think it is not allowed to do what you said, right?
(neutron) port-chain-create --flow-classifier fc --port-pair-group pg1 pc1 Port Pair Group(s) [u'17c9a0a5-a38f-4a75-834e-9aa213cd431f'] in use by Port Chain f3af530f-210a-4c51-9a02-f1835d5b1d85.
Neutron server returns request_ids: ['req-47e6a39b-677a-4ce3-9976-5dfcee0ac47f']

Cathy> when a port pair group is shared by multiple chains, these chains should be different, which means these chains should consist of different sequences of port pair groups. For example, chain 1 consists of <port-pair-group1, port-pair-group2> and chain 2 consists of "port-pair-group1, port-pair-group3, port-pair-group4>. But if the two chains are the same, i.e. they consist of the same sequence of port-pair-groups (e.g. the two chains both consist of <port-pair-group1>), then it is not allowed since it does not make sense to create the same chain twice. Maybe your test scenario falls into the second case?

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