[openstack-dev] [packaging-deb] Status of the project

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Wed Jun 22 09:09:06 UTC 2016

I've been asked to tell everyone the status of the project. So here is a

What's been already done:
- Debian Jessie image is up and running on all Infra nodes.

- openstack-pkg-tools package can be built on each request, and is
gating on the fact that it builds or not. This includes installing and
setting-up the build environment using sbuild and git-buildpackage,
which will be reused everywhere.

- openstack-pkg-tools resulting packages are pushed to
tarballs.openstack.org after a merge of a patch proposal. Though it
seems there's still some issues to fix so that it pushes to the correct
location (ie: /packaging-deb/openstack-pkg-tools/<SHA256-of-last-commit>).

What we need to do:

1/ Push openstack-pkg-tools to a Debian repo
Once pushing the built openstack-pkg-tools to tarballs.openstack.org is
done on the correct location, we should build another job that will pick
the resulting artefacts (ie: source package and binary package), and add
it to a (new) Debian repository.

2/ Once we have a repository with openstack-pkg-tools, we can (finish)
the infra job to build all other packages. This will be *very* easy to
do, since all the work is already done to build openstack-pkg-tools
itself. The only difference is that it will use the build scripts from
the openstack-pkg-tools *package* instead of openstack-pkg-tools reusing
its own scripts from the git clone (copied in /usr/bin). There's such a
difference to avoid a bad commit within openstack-pkg-tools blocking
everything, including a fix to openstack-pkg-tools itself.

3/ Another Debian repository should be created to handle "one time"
backports of packages not currently maintained within the PKG OpenStack
group in Debian. Design has already been discussed on how to do it.
However, since it may take a large amount of time to get this finished
and working as we expect, what we can do as a temporary solution, is
simply doing a sync from Mirantis Debian repository (reprepro does it
very well).

4/ Add all OpenStack packaging Git repository, and enjoy doing the work
in OpenStack gerrit.

What's taking so much time currently, is simply step 1/. The infra team
has its own requirements on how to do it, because of security reasons,
global distribution of the workload (ie: the Debian repository must be
available everywhere we build packages, so it must be stored on the
AFS). This is a non-trivial thing to implement. I don't have enough
knowledge of OpenStack infra myself to do it alone, and the infra team
has been very busy over the last months doing many things (upgrade to
Xenial for many nodes, switching to the new version of Zuul, getting rid
of Jenkins, etc.).

I've been asked if it was possible to move everything we do within the
current mixture of git.debian.org + Jenkins build servers hosted at both
Linaro and Mirantis. It seems, from what I've heard, that it would be
possible to use Gerrit, while continuing to use the current build system
with Jenkins. However, I am really not convince that we should put some
efforts into this, as the infra team is already super busy and has a
hard time finding time to help us implementing the above. And it doesn't
seem reasonable to move all the packaging to Gerrit if we don't have the
same level of functionality and QA that we currently have (ie: build on
each git push, full packaged based Tempest CI, etc.).

I hope the above is what everyone expected me to write, and that there's
enough details. I'd happily give more details if one asks. Monty, please
feel free to reply and add text to this thread if you need to.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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