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Why have one snowflake when you can have two?

Snarky comments aside :) Sergey did answer that question in the specification he linked (rest quoted):

This spec is actually describes an alternative experimental approach for
OpenStack deployment, but there are few questions to answer about alternatives.

1. Why not use Kolla's container images?
   There is a set of fundamental requirements for container images that is
   currently not covered or controversial to some Kolla principles. This list
   will be maintained and discussed with Kolla community under the following
   specification published to Kolla project:

2. Why not contribute to Kolla-Kubernetes?
   It's based on the Kolla container images, while we need to solve list of
   requirements described in I18b319cb796192a1e61ecd516a485dc82d52652f


The technical committee has set precedent that competition is acceptable in the "outer ring" of services (i.e. The TC doesn't want Big Tent projects competing with nova for example but deployment is fair game).  I agree with that decision completely.  However, I can't help but wonder wouldn't this require at-least a Fuel mission change to the governance repository?  When (correct me if I am wrong) Kuryr started to encroach upon the mission of Magnum, Kuryr had to change their mission statement.  Now both mission statements overlap which is an unfortunate aspect of healthy growing projects.

The mission statement of Kolla is:
Kolla provides production-ready containers and deployment tools for operating OpenStack clouds.

That specification is a direct translation of Kolla's mission statement into more lines of text.

I am ok with competition, but please make and meet your commitments in the governance repository so folks in the community understand what each project is about.


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Um, why try and reimplement Kolla from scratch rather then use the existing Kolla system and make it available via Fuel?

There is already a project do deploy OpenStack containers in Kubernetes:

Lets work together rather then creating more projects.

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I'd like to share proposal on running the experimental project under the Fuel
umbrella for running OpenStack in containers on top of Kubernetes,
codename "Fuel CCP".

Here is a specification in Fuel: https://review.openstack.org/331139

CCP is the initiative to package OpenStack services in the containers and
use standard container management framework to run and manage them. It
includes following areas, but not limited to them:

* OpenStack containerization and container image building tooling
* CI/CD to produce properly layered and versioned containers for the supported
  stable and current master branches of OpenStack projects
* OpenStack deployment in containers on top of Kubernetes with HA for OpenStack
  services and their dependencies (e.g. MySQL, RabbitMQ, etc.)
* Tooling for deploying and operating OpenStack clusters with support for the
  upgrades, patching, scaling and changing configuration

As for the governance - Fuel CCP will be just a separated experimental project
under OpenStack namespace with own specs and core team. The nearest example of
the same governance is 3rd party Fuel plugin done not by Mirantis.


Sincerely yours,
Sergey Lukjanov
Principal Software Engineer
Mirantis Inc.
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