[openstack-dev] [all][tc] Require a level playing field for OpenStack projects

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Jun 15 08:58:15 UTC 2016

Doug Hellmann wrote:
>> From our perspective, we (designate) currently have a few drivers from
>> proprietary vendors, and would like to add one in the near future.
>> The current drivers are marked as "release compatible" - aka someone is
>> nominated to test the driver throughout the release cycle, and then
>> during the RC fully validate the driver.
>> The new driver will have 3rd party CI, to test it on every commit.
>> These are (very) small parts of the code base, but part of it none
>> the less. If this is passes, should we push these plugins to separate
>> repos, and not include them as part of the Designate project?
> No. What you're doing is perfectly acceptable. Obviously the more
> testing you can do, the better, but it's up to the Designate team to
> decide what code contributions it considers it can support as part of
> it's official code base. Whether that is organized in one repository or
> many is also up to the owners of the code.
> The problem has come up because other teams have decided they cannot
> manage the large number of disparate drivers. Those have been moved
> out of the main source tree, and those repositories are now being
> de-listed from the "official" list in the governance repo.

Right, as Doug says, I don't expect Designate to have to change anything 
if this passes. As long as you accept considering new drivers, I would 
consider that a level playing field (same as the Cinder case I mentioned 
in my original post).

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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