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> Juno,
> It is a container for port-pair-groups and flow-classifier. I
> imagine there could be more the than one port-chain per switch. Also
> we may want to extend the model beyond a single lswitch

I agree that there could be more than one port-chain per switch, determined
by the flow classifier.

What I'm confused by is:

1. Why are items only recorded in logical switches?  I would think
that I could also attach an SFC to a logical router - although I admit
that the current neutron model for ports doesn't really allow that
easily.  Couple that with the change of name from Logical_Port to
Logical_Switch_Port, and I'm left wondering if we aren't better off
with the following "weak" links instead:
-the Port_Chain includes the logical switch as an external_id
-each Port_Pair_Group includes the Port_Chain as an external_id
-each Port_Pair includes the PPG as an external_id
-each Logical_Switch_Port includes the PP as an external_id

I *think* that *might* allow me (in the future) to attach a port chain
to a logical router by setting the logical router as an external_id and
using Logical_Router_Ports to make up the PPs...

2. I still don't see what Logical_Flow_Classifier is buying me that
ACL doesn't - I can codify all of the classifiers given in the match
criteria of an ACL entry and codify the first PPG of the SFC as
the action of the ACL entry...

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