[openstack-dev] [tempest] Discussion on to enable "Citrix XenServer CI" to vote openstack/tempest

Jianghua Wang jianghua.wang at citrix.com
Wed Jun 15 02:06:21 UTC 2016

Thanks Masayuki for the comments and thanks Bob for the explanation.

  Please let's know if there are more comments/ concerns or if we're good to proceed for voting. Thanks very much.

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Subject: RE: [openstack-dev] [tempest] Discussion on to enable "Citrix XenServer CI" to vote openstack/tempest

Hi Masayuki,

We have been running against Tempest and commenting for many months (years?) and run in the Rackspace public cloud so have no capacity issues.

Indeed the execution time is longer than other jobs, because we actually have to use double nesting (Devstack running on Ubuntu in a VM under XenServer running on a VM under XenServer) to run these jobs in the Rackspace cloud.
We are not asking to block Jenkins reporting on these jobs, so taking a little longer than Jenkins to report shouldn't be a problem.

We're currently re-processing a backlog of tests from over the weekend, due to the broken Tempest change, so for the next 24 hours I expect the reporting times to be delayed while we process the backlog.  Looking at previous changes, such as https://review.openstack.org/#/c/325243/ or https://review.openstack.org/#/c/218355/ you can see that the Citrix XenServer CI consistently reports before Jenkins.



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Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [tempest] Discussion on to enable "Citrix XenServer CI" to vote openstack/tempest

Hi Jianghua and QA team,

Thank you for bringing this up.

IMO, it's good to make it voting in openstack/tempest. Because it's already a voting job in Nova and seems having enough stability.
And we should keep test stability for projects.

My concern is that the resource of "Citrix XenServer CI". Do you have enough resource for it?
And it seems like "Citrix XenServer CI" job execution time is the longest one in Tempest jobs.

Best regards,
-- Masayuki

On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 2:36 PM, Jianghua Wang <jianghua.wang at citrix.com> wrote:
> Added project prefix in the subject and loop in Masayuki and Ghanshyam 
> who know the background as well. Thanks.
> Jianghua
> From: Jianghua Wang
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> Subject: Discussion on to enable "Citrix XenServer CI" to vote 
> openstack/tempest
> Hi all,
>    Recently the "Citrix XenServer CI" was broken due to a bad 
> commit[1] to openstack/tempest. As the commit was merged on Friday 
> which is vacation at here, it had been in failure for more than three 
> days before we noticed and fixed[2] this problem. As this CI votes for 
> openstack/nova, it had been keeping to vote -1 until disabled voting.
>    So I suggest we also enable this XenServer CI voting on tempest 
> change to avoid similar cases in the future. We see in this case, the 
> tempest commit didn’t consider the different case for type-1 
> hypervisors, so it broke XenServer test. Actually “Citrix XenServer 
> CI” verified that patch set with failure result but which got ignored 
> due to no voting. So let’s enable the voting to make life easierJ
> Currently we have this CI voting for openstack/nova. Per the history 
> experience, it has been a stable CI(more stable than the Jenkins
> check) normally if there is no bad commit breaking it.
> Thanks for any comments.
> [1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/316672
> [2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/328836/
> Regards,
> Jianghua

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