[openstack-dev] [Aodh] Ordering Alarm severity on context

gordon chung gord at live.ca
Tue Jun 14 11:57:36 UTC 2016


i actually told him to raise it here. since our team is scattered pretty globally, we use the ML for this when we want a few more eyes on something debatable in a patch.

for me, my concern is whether there's a strong desire to have ordering of severity to be done based on context vs alphabetically, as it does now. if we want ordering to be done by context, the followup would be whether we want to support additional severity levels beyond: low, moderate, critical. the solution proposed i feel is pretty restrictive to that and i'd like to discuss a better solution (if this is even important).



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Hi Sanjana and welcome to openstack-dev.

Having sent all of us your 'Hitachi1' password, you may want to change that. :)

In general, fishing for code reviews via the openstack-dev mailing list is a poor strategy. You may be better served by discovering the preferred communication channel(s) for the project you are interested in and making yourself known there.

Someone who knows a lot more than I do about aodh may come along to advise you of IRC channels and the like.


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